The Rotman Research Institute is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology for most modern techniques in cognitive neuroscience. Facilities include:

fMRI – A Siemens 3T Prisma scanner.

MEG – A CTF 275-channel whole-head system, axial gradiometer sensor type.

EEG – Two full-featured EEG labs with Biosemi 64-channel active electrode systems.

TMS – Magstim Super Rapid Plus stimulator for rTMS, theta burst, and other repetitive paradigms. Magstim Bistim for paired-pulse experiments. Brainsway H-coil for deep TMS.

HD-TDCS: Neuroconn 8-channel stimulator, MRI/MEG compatible

TMS-EEG – Truscan 128-channel system for simultaneous measurement.

Portable EEG – Cognionics Quick-30 system for ambulatory measurements.

Eyetrackers – standalone, MRI and MEG compatible from SR Research.

Testing rooms with computers for behavioural experiments.

Participant database for recruiting healthy volunteers young and old, and patients with specific conditions.